Monday, June 11, 2012

'mini moon' part 2

Part 2 begins!
On our second day in Lipari we decided to explore the island ourselves - on the scooter! We drove around the entire island (10 km) and took in the beautiful scenery and the breathtaking views.

Oh hey Mt. Etna!

When we were done with our drive, we headed back into town for some grub and then back to our hotel for some sun!

For our last night in Lipari we thought it would be fun to eat at the restaurant at our hotel. Since no restaurants open until 8 pm (and we were ready way before that), we took some time to enjoy delicious drinks overlooking the water while we waited. Check out that view!

8 pm finally arrived and we headed up to the restaurant. We had the choice of sitting inside or outside (who wouldn't sit outside and enjoy the beauty of the island?!), and the waiter let us have the best table with the best view! It pays to be sweet :) We started our meal with an appetizer of ham and mozzarella ( SO GOOD!), and then moved on to pasta ( I stopped here), and then Jordan moved on to a grilled swordfish steak. The food was delicious, the view was unbelievable, and the wine was heavenly! We finished the meal off with a glass of sweet Malvasia - THE Aeolian wine and then headed downstairs for a nightcap from the sweet bartender. We enjoyed our drinks (amaretto sour and scotch on the rocks - I'll let you figure out which of these drinks was mine) outside on a bench by the pool. What a glorious evening!

And like all good things, our trip had to come to an end. We spent our final day in Lipari laying out by the pool, reading books, relaxing, and enjoying our time together. We had SO MUCH fun and if any of you are looking for a place to vacation, I would whole heartedly suggest this place!

Miss you and love you all :)


  1. Perhaps Suzy Q travel could plan a vacay for us all to Lipari....I'm in!!!
    Looks fantastic. Thanks so much for the blog posts. Y'all are adorable!

    1. We SOOOO look forward to each of your blogs. Your writing is excellent and the photos are AWESOME!

  2. Suzy Q Travel is on it. Thanks for sharing the pictures, it's a gorgeous place. I especially loved the photo of ya'll at your table overlooking the water.

  3. A vacay in Lipari sounds fantastic! What about Paris?!! Your pictures are beyond beautiful! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop with the fun, detailed posts! Love it! Love y'all!!