Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun in the Sun :)

Just wanted to share one of our adventures that we had with Jordan's brother, James, and his friend, Adam, last week! We thought the boys really needed to see Taormina & Castelmola because they're both so beautiful, so we decided to head out there on Friday! We started the day at the beach down by Isola bella (a small island off the coast of Taormina that you can walk to). Instead of sand on the beach, there are little rocks that you have to lay your towel on top of. Very weird, but it works nonetheless! The scenery down by Isola bella is GORGEOUS! Beautiful, see-through water, and lush green grass on the island! Jordan and I decided to stick to laying out, but James & Adam decided to brave the water (it's still a bit chilly and there tend to be a lot of jellyfish in this area! yikes!).  After a couple of minutes, that was all the boys could stand so they joined us on the shore. We wanted to make sure we got to see the city so we left the beach and headed up the mountain!

We made sure the boys had a granite at Bam Bar (the best granite in the world!), saw the greek theatre, and experienced some authentic Italian food! After touring the city of Taormina, we climbed in the car and started the crazy drive up the mountain to the city of Castelmola! The roads are quite tiny and sometimes they hang out over the edge of the cliff . . . creepy! When we finally got to the top and parked the car, we had a couple hundred steps to tackle before we actually made it to the top of the mountain where the castle used to be! The views are beautiful and we would have spent more time up there if a storm hadn't been heading our way!

We had so much fun with James and Adam while they were here! We dropped them off at the airport last night and they're headed back to Kansas City! We're so glad we got to share some of our experiences with them and that they were brave enough to venture out to Catania to hang out with us :)

Love you all!

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